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A few things to look out for when using the cheapest chemical barrels

A few things to look out for when using the cheapest chemical barrels

The cheapest chemical barrel is extremely unstable and volatile due to its material polyethylene, which makes the property of the chemical barrel extremely unstable. Therefore, before use, it is necessary to ensure the usability of the cheapest chemical barrels, and the matters needing attention include.
First, it must be ensured that after the dangerous goods are filled, the packaging is tightly sealed without any leakage or leakage.
Second, the cheapest chemical barrels must not corrode or damage the outer surface of the barrels when they are filled with dangerous goods, and the appearance is clean and good.
3. It should be stored under a canopy to avoid exposure to the sun. The maximum use temperature is 60°C, the storage temperature is below 40°C, and the shelf life is 1 year from the date of production.
Fourth, if the filling product is easy to produce volatile gas, especially in February, April and August when the temperature difference effect is obvious, you should choose the time of the day with the lowest temperature for filling, so as to avoid the sunken and deformed image.
Fifth, the weight or volume of a single piece of dangerous goods contained in the cheapest chemical barrels must not exceed the maximum limit for dangerous goods transportation.


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