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Application scenarios of China polyurethane elastomers

Application scenarios of China polyurethane elastomers

The comprehensive performance of the application and development of China polyurethane elastomers is very superior, and countries are strengthening their application and development research according to market demand.
1. China Polyurethane elastomers for automobiles
Today's cars are developing towards high performance, low weight, comfort and safety. Rubber synthetic materials are gradually replacing metal materials, which also opens up extremely broad prospects for the application of China polyurethane elastomers.
Utilizing the high strength and high load-bearing capacity of China polyurethane elastomers, tires for medium and low-speed heavy-duty vehicles can be manufactured, and the load-bearing capacity is 7 times that of tires of the same specification made of natural rubber.

China polyurethane elastomer
2. China Polyurethane elastomer for construction
The traditional asphalt linoleum waterproof material has been gradually replaced by the durable and integral construction polyurethane waterproof material.
The expansion joints of large bridges, the caulking of airport runways and highways have also begun to use China polyurethane elastomers cured at room temperature. This application gives full play to the characteristics of China polyurethane elastomers such as good shock absorption and aging resistance.
3. China Polyurethane elastomer for mining
Coal mines, metal and non-metal mines are in great demand for non-metallic materials with high wear resistance, high strength and elasticity.
Hydraulic support is an important equipment for comprehensive mechanized coal mining in coal mines and is widely used in coal enterprises across the country. road damage. This requires a coal baffle to block the coal and ore that rush to the hydraulic support when the coal falls.
In addition to the above application scenarios, China polyurethane elastomers are also used in the footwear industry, medical field, shipbuilding and other industries.


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