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Best High transparency elastomer on sales tells what are the selection techniques of Packing barrel?

Best High transparency elastomer on sales tells what are the selection techniques of Packing barrel?

Packing barrel has a wide range of applications in our daily lives, basically it can be used in all walks of life, but we have some things to pay attention to when choosing, the following editor of Best High transparency elastomer on sales will give you a brief introduction. What are the selection techniques to download it?
1. The smell of Packing barrel. Among general engineering plastics, life plastics have no pungent odor, such as PP, PE, PC, PS, etc. If there is an unpleasant smell in the bucket with the lid open, which is very irritating, then do not buy it. This is likely to be made of secondary materials or recycled materials.
2. Color selection. The color is required to be bright and without color difference. Choose a transparent color, followed by a single gorgeous color. Do not choose black, because black is easy to add secondary materials and recycled materials, but it is difficult to distinguish.

3. Price selection. The relative cost of plastic barrels made of general raw materials is relatively high, so the price will be in the upper-middle level. If the price is very low, then don't think about the production of poor materials, because the manufacturer can't do it based on the cost.
4. Appearance selection. Touch the edges with your hands, there is no noticeable drape, all corners are chamfered, and your hands are not scratched. Check that the rubber surface has no impurities, no black spots, the appearance of the bucket is transparent and smooth, and the finish is good. In order to avoid inspection, many plastic barrels are inlaid with a thin layer of good material on the surface. The typical gold and jade are externally damaged. Pay attention to see if there is any possibility of water leakage.
The above is the Best High transparency elastomer on sales editor introducing the relevant knowledge of Packing barrel selection techniques, I hope you can learn more.


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