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China TPR elastomer tells how to store Packing barrel?

China TPR elastomer tells how to store Packing barrel?

We often see plastic Packing barrels in our lives. These barrels are relatively light, anti-aging, and anti-impact. Brings convenience to our lives. So how should these Packing barrels be stored? The following editor of china TPR elastomer will take you to find out.
1. Try not to put the Packing barrel in an environment where it is exposed to the sun, because chemical reactions will occur when exposed to the sun, causing some unfavorable factors, which will affect the normal use.
2. The storage of Packing barrel should also avoid ultraviolet light, the dominant factor of photochemical reaction, which can cause the break of molecular chain. In all light, the shorter the wavelength, the greater the energy, which will accelerate the aging of plastic barrels, because rubber and plastic materials will produce free radicals when they absorb light energy, which will cause and accelerate some disadvantages. Reaction.
3. The other is that when the Packing barrel is exposed to light, there will usually be a change in temperature, which can be regarded as heating, and the increase in temperature will accelerate the diffusion of oxygen, thereby increasing its oxidation rate, and triggering hot glue and cracking. And contact with oxygen or even ozone in the air, excessive glue or molecular chain breakage will accelerate the aging.
4. In addition to these, there are other factors such as water, high-energy radiation, and the medium that will cause some chemical reactions in the Packing barrel. Therefore, proper storage is needed to extend the service life, so do not expose it to the sun for a long time.
In summary, the editor of china TPR elastomer tells the storage knowledge of Packing barrel. I hope you can learn more.


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