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Construction process related knowledge of customized Polyurethane adhesive

Construction process related knowledge of customized Polyurethane adhesive

Do you know the relevant knowledge of the construction process of customized Polyurethane adhesive? Let’s take a look at it briefly!
1. Surface treatment
One of the conditions for forming a good bond is to perform the necessary treatment on the surface of the substrate. There are often weak interface layers such as grease and dust on the surface of the adherend. Affected by them, the bonding strength of the bond established on the weak interface layer is not easy to improve. For those substrate surfaces that do not match the surface tension of the adhesive, chemical treatment is also required. Surface treatment is one of the first steps to improve bonding strength.
2. Roughening treatment
The smooth surface generally needs to be roughened to increase the contact area between the glue and the substrate. The adhesive penetrates into the cavities or pores on the surface of the substrate, and after curing, it acts as a "nail, hook, and stick", which can firmly bond the substrate together.
Commonly used methods include sandblasting, rasps coarsening, sandpaper polishing and so on. But too rough will affect the infiltration of the adhesive on the surface, and it is easy to leave or generate bubbles in the recesses, which will reduce the bonding strength. If it is easy to damage the substrate by sanding or other methods, it is advisable to use primer coating, etching, corona treatment and other methods to change its surface properties so that it can be easily bonded by customized Polyurethane adhesive.
In summary, it is a brief introduction to the construction process-related knowledge of customized Polyurethane adhesive.


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