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Do you know how to open the lid of the Cheapest Paint barrel?

Do you know how to open the lid of the Cheapest Paint barrel?

When we were painting the walls, the Cheapest Paint barrel bag we bought was very difficult to open. Many netizens have already responded. Then the lid of the paint always cannot be opened, or it is very difficult to open. Have you considered that there is a problem with our opening method? Today I will tell you how to open the oil and gas barrel correctly. Lid, I hope it can help everyone.
1. The lid on the paint head is very tight. Only in this way can he ensure the freshness of the paint. At this time, we can prepare a screwdriver to pry off the edge of the Cheapest Paint barrel.

2. There are four bayonet on the edge of Cheapest Paint barrel lid. If you are a man, it is recommended to only knock one side open. After knocking one side, we can break the lid to a 45 degree angle.
3. If you are a female, it is recommended to open the two buckles, which can help us save some effort. Note that when rotating the cover, do not break the sealing rubber gasket inside the cover. If there is no such sealing rubber gasket, the paint will oxidize.
4. You can also use a hammer and pliers to clamp the periphery of the paint cover, and then pry it up.
In summary, it is an introduction to the knowledge about opening the Cheapest Paint barrel.


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