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Fine chemical barrel from China manufacturer

Fine chemical barrel from China manufacturer

Most of the bubbles in the chemical plastic barrels are vacuum bubbles in the production process, which means that the gas in the bubbles is very indifferent or even absent. The composition of this vacuum bubble is mostly due to the shortage of material or relatively low pressure during plastic filling. Under such conditions, the mold is rapidly cooled, and then pulled by the fuel at the corner of the cavity. It will constitute the loss of plastic volume. In order to solve this problem, you need to do the following points, follow the editor of Fine chemical barrel from China manufacturer to find out!
1. Improve the exhaust condition of chemical plastic bucket molds.
2. To add plastic temperature to make it move smoothly. Lowering the temperature of the plastic can reduce its shrinkage rate, and appropriately increasing the temperature of the injection mold, especially raising the part of the mold temperature that simply constitutes the vacuum bubble, can reduce the probability of bubbles appearing.

3. The energy of advancing plastic injection must be advanced in the injection pressure, speed, time and material amount, and at the same time, the back pressure must be advanced to make the plastic filling more plump.
4. When the plastic enters a warm environment, its water will condense on the cold plastic. The choice of drying plastic can compensate for this situation.
5. Assuming that the plastic movement in the chemical plastic bucket mold is uneven, causing the air to be trapped inside, you can choose to use a vacuum on the mold to exhaust to solve this problem.
The above is the editor of Fine chemical barrel from China manufacturer: Introduction to the reasons for the bubbles in the manufacture of chemical plastic barrels.


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