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How many market prospects does the "Rookie" meltblown fabric have? There are many uses besides making masks

How many market prospects does the "Rookie" meltblown fabric have? There are many uses besides making masks

Meltblown cloth, before 2020, most people are not familiar with the term. Because of the new crown epidemic and the outbreak of demand for masks, the word meltblown surfaced. Naturally, everyone's understanding of it is mostly limited to "core mask materials."SMS melt-blown composite cloth mask structureIn fact, meltblown fabrics have long been widely used because of their obvious advantages such as good filterability, shielding properties, heat insulation and oil absorption.
In the medical field, melt-blown fabrics and spunbond fabrics are often processed together into SMS composite nonwoven fabrics to obtain high-strength and efficient bacteria-isolating products to prevent blood or sewage with bacteria or viruses from invading the human body. In addition to masks, our common surgical gowns, surgical caps, protective clothing, wound stickers, etc. also use this material.
Meltblown medical applications
In addition, melt-blown cloth is also used as air purification materials, filter materials, oil-absorbing materials, clean cloths, warm materials, etc.
If we look at the prospect of meltblown fabrics only from the perspective of the mask market, with the gradual recovery of the domestic epidemic situation and the rise in production capacity of meltblown fabrics, some people say that meltblown fabrics cannot be sold, and even worse, the meltblown fabric industry has encountered Waterloo!
But it is obviously too early to say that meltblown fabrics cannot be sold. Not only because of the greatly enhanced people's awareness of protection, the promotion and guidance of national policies, and the improvement of grass-roots hygiene levels, the demand for domestic masks will have the opportunity to continue. Moreover, the epidemic situation abroad has not yet dissipated, and there is still a shortage of regular meltblown fabrics with full qualifications.
In addition, the market is also constantly exploring the application scenarios of melt-blown non-woven fabrics. After this epidemic, domestic and foreign attention to "filtration" and "purification" will be unprecedentedly increased, and the development of melt-blown fabrics will be broader.
Of course, poor quality meltblown fabrics are really not for sale! Therefore, the introduction of melt-blown cloth production line must choose a professional manufacturer.
Smect Smart is dedicated to the design, manufacture, commissioning and installation of meltblown fabric production lines. The company has rich professional technical experience and strong R&D strength, and is dedicated to customizing one-stop meltblown fabric production line solutions for global customers. Source manufacturers, fast delivery, please leave a message to consult.
Smecta smart meltblown cloth production line
Meltblown cloth other applications
Air purification materials
The melt-blown material after electrostatic electret treatment has the characteristics of low initial resistance, large dust holding capacity and high filtration efficiency when used in air filtration. Air conditioning filter systems, filter core materials and dust filter bags can be made of this material.
Liquid filter material and battery separator
Meltblown cloth is used to filter acidic and alkaline liquids, oils, etc. It has very good performance, and can be used for the filtration of photoresist in the electronics industry; the filtration of drugs, biological and synthetic plasma products in the pharmaceutical industry; beverages and beer in the food industry And syrup filtration; tap water purification filtration and environmental wastewater filtration, etc.
After treatment, the PP melt-blown cloth with hydrophilic properties can also be used to make battery separators for mobile phones, which have high added value.
Oil-absorbing materials and industrial wipes
Various oil-absorbing materials made of melt-blown cloth can absorb oil up to 14-15 times its own weight. It is widely used in environmental protection projects and oil-water separation projects. In addition, it can be used as a clean material for oil and dust in industrial production. These applications have fully utilized the characteristics of polypropylene itself and the adsorption of ultrafine fibers made by meltblown.
Warm materials
Meltblown fabrics have the characteristics of large specific surface area, small voids and high void ratio. A large amount of air is stored in this structure. The thermal conductivity of air is much smaller than that of ordinary fibers, which effectively prevents heat loss and makes it have good thermal insulation and thermal insulation effects. It is widely used in the production of clothing and various thermal insulation materials, such as ski suits, mountaineering suits, bedding and thermal underwear.

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