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How often should I wear N95 masks?

How often should I wear N95 masks?

Since the outbreak of new coronavirus pneumonia, many people now buy N95 masks to wear. Everyone knows that N95 masks are one of the 9 certified particulate protective masks, and the filtration efficiency reaches 95%. But the question is coming, do you know how often to wear the N95 mask? A list of correct wearing time, let's take a look together!
In life, there are many kinds of masks we can see, such as ordinary cotton and linen masks, disposable medical surgical masks and medical protective masks (taking the N95 mask as an example).
To prevent "new coronavirus pneumonia", please wear "medical surgical mask" or "medical protective mask".
"Medical surgical masks" generally have three layers, from the outside to the inside are the waterproof layer, the filter layer and the comfort layer, the innermost comfort layer is a non-woven fabric; wearing such a mask can prevent respiratory infections, but can not block the "haze" Substances".
N95-type masks (under the testing conditions specified in the NIOSH standard, the filtration efficiency reached 95%) and other medical protective masks can protect against droplet infection caused by patient body fluids or blood splashes. Compared with medical surgical masks, medical protective masks are tightly closed Better sex, I suggest you try to choose "N95 protective mask without breathing valve".
For the wearing time of N95 masks, there is no fixed replacement time, because the dust concentration in different environments is different, and the use time of each person is different, these will affect the service life of n95 masks. Although the filtration efficiency is 95%, experts recommend wearing N95 masks to be replaced every two days.
First of all, please be clear that ordinary people do not need to wear masks all day long; wearing medical masks for a long time will make the nasal mucosa more fragile, and even more serious people will lose the original physiological function of the nasal cavity, affecting their powerful Immunity. At home or in a ventilated place where the population density is not high, masks are not required at all.
In addition, in principle, no matter what kind of masks are "aging", need to be replaced regularly. In a strict sense, it is recommended to replace the mask every 2-4 hours. When the mask is contaminated, it is even necessary to replace the mask immediately.

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