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How to use chemical barrels correctly?

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How to use chemical barrels correctly?

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Chemical barrels are mainly made of plastic and are usually called plastic chemical barrels and plastic chemical barrels. Chemical barrels are tools used for chemicals, dyes, medicines and pesticides. Most chemical barrels are made of plastic, usually called plastic chemical barrels and plastic chemical barrels . It is developed by blow molding using scientific formula, with a variety of colors and beautiful appearance. Resistant to acid, alkali, corrosion and leakage. In terms of fading and non-deformation, it is an ideal choice for long-distance transportation of packaging materials for chemical products.
    Chemical barrel equipment is a common equipment, and its role is very important. If you cannot start the car without a mailbox, you can see its importance. But our common chemical barrel equipment has adopted the spraying process. In addition, it should be noted that spraying on the surface of chemical barrel equipment can prevent corrosion caused by the atmosphere, rain and certain chemical products, increase the strength, tightness, and service life of chemical barrel equipment, and increase its thickness. The thickness of the paint film is uniform and the quality Good, smooth lubrication, even in the corners can even spray paint.
    Chemical barrels have the advantages of impact resistance, acid and alkali resistance, aging resistance, light weight, no leakage, and long service life, so they can be widely used. But in the process of using, everyone should pay attention to one thing, namely temperature.
    The working temperature of the chemical barrel is usually between minus 40 degrees and 60 degrees. If it exceeds this temperature, the chemical barrel will deform or even break. Therefore, it must be ensured that the temperature does not exceed this range during use. To exceed this range during use. exceed this temperature, we need to take some precautions, such as placing chemical barrels or other precautions around.
    Common chemical barrels are plastic chemical barrels and metal chemical barrels. The label attached to the chemical barrel is called the chemical barrel label, also called plastic chemical barrel, plastic chemical barrel, iron barrel and metal chemical barrel. How to use chemical barrel correctly:
  1. If the filling product is prone to produce volatile gas, especially in February, April and August, when the temperature difference is obvious, the lowest temperature on the filling day should be selected to avoid dents.
  2. The outer cover needs to be tightened by external force, and the sealing ring must be in close contact with the surface of the barrel mouth after assembly. It is forbidden to deform the sealing ring.
  3. Compatible chemical reactions must not occur between dangerous goods and plastic chemical barrels.
  4. The weight or volume of a single piece of dangerous goods in chemical plastic drums shall not exceed the maximum limit of the international dangerous goods transportation regulations. Do not use low-risk plastic drums for dangerous goods that require advanced packaging.


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