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Metal bucket gift box supplier china introduces the relevant knowledge of metal buckets

Metal bucket gift box supplier china introduces the relevant knowledge of metal buckets

How much do you know about metal buckets? Follow the editor of Metal bucket gift box supplier china to have a simple understanding!

Metal packaging has become an independent packaging category due to its environmental protection and good airtightness. Barrel-shaped metal packaging The container is composed of a barrel body and a barrel lid. The barrel body is formed by welding the connecting seam after the metal sheet is completed, and the barrel lid is formed by stamping and bending the metal sheet. Generally, these packaging containers are made by specialized metal product manufacturers and then transported to companies that require metal packaging containers for packaging products. After the metal packaging container is made, the inside is hollow. In order to increase the number of metal packages and containers that can be transported at one time as much as possible, during the transportation, many barrels are stacked together and transported carefully, that is, when loading the car. In the past, many barrels of the same specification were stacked one by one by man-made or profitable use of machines. Because the size of the packaging containers stacked up and down is the same, sometimes it becomes very inconvenient to stack one barrel on top of another. SUMMARY OF THE INVENTION In view of the above technical problems, the purpose of the present invention is to provide a metal bucket that is convenient to stack. In order to achieve the above situation, the technical solution adopted by the present utility model is a metal barrel, which includes a barrel body and a lid. The main body part is cylindrical, and the inner diameter of the flaring part is larger than that of the main body part. Preferably, the flaring part is cylindrical or trumpet-shaped. Preferably, a ring of annular ribs protruding outward is provided on the flared portion. Due to the application of the above technical solutions, the present utility model has the following advantages compared with the prior art. Due to the addition of the flaring part, it becomes very convenient to insert a barrel of the same specification into another barrel, and stack multiple barrels. The body becomes easy, thereby reducing the transportation cost of multiple metal barrels.
The above is the editor of Metal bucket gift box supplier china: a brief introduction to the relevant little knowledge about metal buckets.


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