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Outstanding performance of polyurethane elastomers

Outstanding performance of polyurethane elastomers

The comprehensive properties of quality polyurethane elastomers are outstanding, unmatched by any other rubber and plastic.
Quality polyurethane elastomers can be processed according to various processing requirements, and can be used in almost every processing technology of polymer materials, such as liquid casting, calendering, blow molding, and machining.
Quality polyurethane elastomers are also widely used, and their products are almost in various fields.
Quality polyurethane elastomer is mainly composed of hard segment and soft segment, and its performance can be adjusted in a wide range. It can meet the different requirements of product performance through the selection of raw materials and the adjustment of formula.

quality polyurethane elastomer
Under the working conditions in the presence of lubricating media such as water and oil, its wear resistance is several to dozens of times that of ordinary rubber materials.
If you want to increase the friction coefficient of low and medium hardness polyurethane elastomer products and improve the wear resistance under load, a small amount of lubricants such as aluminum disulfide, graphite or silicone oil can be added to this type of polyurethane.
Quality polyurethane elastomers can be plasticized and kneaded like rubber, or made into liquid rubber, cast and molded, sprayed or potted, or made into pellets. Like ordinary plastics, they can be made of injection, extrusion, blowing Plastic and other processes.
The diversity of processing makes the applicability of quality polyurethane elastomers very wide, and the application fields are also expanding.


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