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Precautions for storing high transparency elastomers

Precautions for storing high transparency elastomers

Reasonable storage of high transparency elastomer material can not only protect the warehouse but also avoid the risk of fire. When you buy a large number of high transparency elastomer materials, the first thing to do is to check whether the packaging of the material is damaged, confirm that no damage to the material after the neat. So what is the storage of high transparency elastomer material that we need to pay attention to? The following editor to explain to you about the relevant content.
High transparency elastomer storage needs to pay attention to the following aspects:
Ambient temperature: Storage of high transparency elastomer material, it is important to note that the storage temperature, although this kind of material in use, chemical performance is good, but this does not mean that at the time of deposit, should be placed in an environment of high temperature, high temperature and easy to cause high transparency elastomer material melt, so they shall be placed in dry ventilated place, avoid direct sunlight.
Sealed state: the material should always be sealed to avoid oxidation or dust entering and affecting the performance of the material for subsequent processing.

Air oxidation: high transparency elastomer storage time is too long, frequent contact with air, but due to the reason of seal, a lot of air quality in the warehouse is not so good, so that long-term exposure to, will be produced in outer oxidation reaction, to influence the whole performance, so everyone in the process of storage at ordinary times must to view more.
Environmental humidity: stored high transparency elastomer materials in addition to focus on temperature, also note that the deposit environment humidity, if the deposit environment humidity is too high, there are a lot of moisture in the air, often cause certain influence to product, so it was also because of this, to ensure that the surrounding air humidity is also very necessary.
Above is the storage of high transparency elastomers need to pay special attention to the four aspects, I hope to help you, in addition, high transparency elastomers are recommended not to put together with PVC, so as not to affect environmental protection problems.


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