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Properties and Applications of Polyurethane Adhesives

Properties and Applications of Polyurethane Adhesives

Properties and Applications of Polyurethane Adhesives from China manufacturer
(1) Performance and application: The resin containing many repeating active groups on the main chain is called polyurethane, abbreviated as polyurethane. The structure of polyurethane and polyamide is very similar, except that the active group of the former is one more oxygen atom than that of the latter, so there are many similarities in the properties of the two.
Polyurethane adhesive from China manufacturer is composed of isocyanate and polyester or polyether. It has high polarity and activity, and has good adhesion to various metal and non-metal materials. The type and ratio of components are adjusted when used. The dosage can be used to obtain a flexible or even rigid adhesive layer, which can be cured at both high temperature and room temperature, and is widely used.
Polyurethane adhesive from China manufacturer has the characteristics of water resistance, oil resistance, solvent resistance, ozone resistance, bacteria resistance, etc., especially at low temperature, it has excellent bonding strength, so it is a promising low-temperature adhesive.

Polyurethane Adhesives
Polyurethane adhesives from China manufacturer have good affinity for metals, wood, rubber, fabrics, and most plastics (especially polyvinyl chloride, which contains a lot of plasticizers). It is widely used in the lamination of bonded fabrics of light packaging materials, the manufacture of composite materials, electrostatic flocking, the manufacture of non-woven fabrics, the manufacture of shoes, rubber products and sealants. Greater development is expected in the future.
(2) Caprolactone Polyol Polyurethane Adhesivefrom China manufacturer This type of adhesive is obtained by reacting caprolactone and diol. Compared with ordinary polyester, it has the following advantages: ① good color; ② structure is uniform..., molecular weight Uniform distribution, ③Only active hydroxyl groups at the end groups, the number of functional groups is clear; ④Hydrolysis resistance, good low temperature flexibility; The outdoor durability is particularly excellent.


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