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Purpose of urethane rubber from China manufacturer

Purpose of urethane rubber from China manufacturer

The urethane rubber from China manufacturer can be applied to track and field plastic track sports venues, including basketball, volleyball, badminton and tennis courts. There are two types of indoor and outdoor. This kind of plastic ground can be used for a longer time than wooden floor, it is also suitable for abrasion resistance, oil resistance, weather aging resistance, good shock absorption performance, and good adhesion through the base layer. The urethane rubber from China manufacturer has excellent oil resistance, so it is also used as an oil resistant roller. Due to its excellent performance, it can replace other alloys in the automobile industry and can be used in automobile bumpers, steering wheels and automobile peripheral parts. Secondly, due to the advantages of low wear, high friction coefficient and low noise, the conveying device made by him has a stable rotation speed. Therefore, the conveyor belts used in coal mines and mines can be made of polyurethane compound rubber, and high-hardness polyurethane cast rubber can be used as gear mercury gear, which has the characteristics of stable transfer of liquid. In addition, it is also used as lining and protective layer, as non-metallic car snow chain and high-rise building rescue water pipe lining; as high-pressure seal and high-pressure water pipe; in the aspect of shoemaking, it can reduce the cost and is beautiful; it can be used as aircraft Thin-walled fuel tank, oil-resistant seals, dust-proof seals; used as potting materials for cable streets, electronic components and printed circuits, and can be used as ideal shock-proof rubber.
In summary, it is a brief introduction to the usage-related knowledge of urethane rubber from China manufacturer.


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