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Reasons and treatment methods of sand formation in Lubricating oil drum manufacturers

Reasons and treatment methods of sand formation in Lubricating oil drum manufacturers

Because some Lubricating oil drum manufacturers use for a period of time, there will be a layer of sand that is difficult to remove on the surface of the casting, which is called sticky sand, also called sand. Sticky sand is divided into mechanical sticky sand and chemical sticky sand. The chemical sticky sand is a layer of metal oxide adhered to part or the entire surface of the container, which has a high hardness and can only be ground off with a grinding wheel.
Generally, the sand formation on the surface of the plastic barrel is caused by the oxidation of molten steel. The traditional foundry coating only acts as a barrier and isolation between the container and the mold to achieve the purpose of anti-sticking sand,but sometimes it also sticks sand in Lubricating oil drum manufacturers part or a large area.This is because the high-temperature liquid metal is oxidized to form metal oxides and ferrous silicates, so the fluidity is very good. Even if there is a solidified shell on the surface of the casting, the newly generated ferrous silicates are still in liquid state, which is easy to penetrate into the coating. in sand pores. The coagulated ferrous silicate has strong adhesion to containers, coatings and molding sand, and can firmly adhere the molding sand to the surface of the casting to form a series of low-melting compounds, causing the casting to stick to sand, which is called For chemical sticky sand.

In response to this phenomenon, the first solution is to ensure that the wall thickness of the container is uniform during the production of Lubricating oil drum manufacturers, and the radius of the fillet can be appropriately increased, the hot pitch circle can be reduced as much as possible, and cold iron can be used. According to the thickness of the casting and the pouring temperature of the molten metal, the particle size of the original sand should be correctly selected, the refractoriness of the surface sand and the binder should be appropriately higher, or the quality of the molten metal should be improved, and the pouring temperature and pouring speed should be appropriately reduced.


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