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Research Status of Quality Polyurethane Elastomers

Research Status of Quality Polyurethane Elastomers

Quality polyurethane elastomer is a high-performance elastomer, also commonly known as polyurethane rubber. In terms of molecular structure, it is a block copolymer composed of hard segments and soft segments. The hard segments are generally composed of chain extenders and diisocyanates, and the soft segments are generally composed of flexible long chains It is composed of polyols, and the hard segments and soft segments are alternated to form repeating structural units. The microphase of the hard segment is uniformly distributed in the microphase of the soft segment, forming a discontinuous microphase structure, which can be used as a physical cross-linking point. These structural characteristics make the quality polyurethane elastomer have excellent toughness and wear resistance. . The abrasion resistance of quality polyurethane elastomer is several times that of natural rubber, and it has excellent chemical resistance and oil and ester resistance. Under the same hardness, it has higher load-bearing capacity than other elastomers.

quality polyurethane elastomer
However, because the polyurethane molecular chain structure contains a large number of aliphatic segments, it is highly flammable and produces a large amount of toxic smoke.
As we all know, the real threat to human life in fire is not the fire itself, but a large amount of smoke generated when the material is burned, which not only affects people's escape line of sight, but also the toxic gas in the smoke is the main cause of human death.
Therefore, effectively improving the flame retardant properties of quality polyurethane elastomer materials can better protect people's lives and property. At present, the main measure to improve the combustion performance of polyurethane is to add inorganic flame retardants. However, due to their low flame retardant efficiency, how to improve the flame retardant efficiency of inorganic flame retardants has become a research hotspot in current scientific research and related industries.


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