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Some knowledge about Paint bucket Wholesale Price

Some knowledge about Paint bucket Wholesale Price

How much do you know about Paint bucket Wholesale Price? Let's have a simple understanding together!

Paint bucket Wholesale Price
A Paint bucket Wholesale Price with a paint scraping device, including a barrel body, a cover plate and a threaded cover, a bottom plate is fixedly connected inside the barrel body, a scraper is arranged above the bottom plate, the scraper is circular, and the scraper is attached to the inner wall of the barrel. The middle of the scraper is fixedly connected with a support column, the upper surface of the support column is provided with threads, the threaded cover is connected with the thread at the upper end of the support column, and the middle part of the cover plate is provided with a through hole, and the diameter of the through hole is larger than that of the support column. One side of the body is fixedly connected with a fixing block, a nut is arranged inside the first fixing block, two fixing blocks are arranged on one side of the cover plate, a positioning block is arranged inside the two fixing blocks, and a threaded rod is connected between the positioning block and the nut. And it is longer than the distance between the nut and the positioning block. The whole structure is reasonable in design and simple in structure, which can make full use of the paint on the inner wall of the paint box.
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