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Talking about Polyurethane Elastomer

Talking about Polyurethane Elastomer

The polyurethane elastomer formed by the polymerization reaction of diisocyanate and active hydrogen compound is a rigid segment containing urea group composed of diisocyanate and diamine chain extender. The glass transition temperature is much higher than room temperature, and it is glassy and Secondary crystals or crystallites constitute the plastic phase; the flexible segments of polyether or polyester gather together to constitute the matrix or matrix of the polyurethane rubber. Because its glass transition temperature is lower than room temperature, it is called the rubber phase. Polyurethane elastomer microphase separation enables polyurethane elastomer to have the advantages of good wear resistance, wide hardness range, high strength and high elongation, large load bearing capacity, good shock absorption effect and excellent oil resistance. Choosing a suitable molding processing method can maximize the performance of polyurethane elastomers, and prepare various polyurethane elastomers with excellent properties, which are widely used in plastics, rubber, fibers, adhesives, coatings, etc., and even as functional polymer materials. Such as medical polyurethane materials.

Polyurethane elastomer
According to the general principles of molding and processing selection, micro-phase separation of polyurethane elastomers can be realized to meet the requirements of excellent product performance. With reference to factors such as extrudability, moldability, ductility, and spinnability, the molding process is carried out according to the following principles. : Four basic rubber types: polyurethane compound rubber, polyurethane casting rubber, polyurethane water latex and polyurethane thermal plastic, respectively, according to the rubber, pouring, coating and plastic molding processing methods; through the combination of classic molding processing methods, select the derived rubber species series Forming method. Analyzing the dependence of the selection of polyurethane elastomer molding process on the deformation factor and curing factor, it shows that extrusion molding, injection molding and calendering are the key methods in the molding process.


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