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The correct way to clean chemical barrels

The correct way to clean chemical barrels

Most of the chemical barrels are made of plastic, developed by blow molding with scientific formula, with various colors and beautiful appearance, which is an ideal choice for long-distance transportation of chemical product packaging materials. It can replace stainless steel, titanium and other metal product containers in a considerable range. It is an ideal corrosion-resistant storage and transportation equipment for chemical liquids, and it is cheap and high-quality.
1. Reasons why chemical barrels cannot be cleaned blindly
Chemical barrels are used to store chemical liquids, and improper handling of chemicals will seriously endanger people's health and even life safety. Secondly, serious chemical pollution, improper cleaning or substandard wastewater treatment will cause serious environmental pollution problems. The discharge of harmful chemical substances, including the volatilization of some harmful chemical gases, will seriously endanger human life and safety. Moreover, some flammable and explosive chemical substances also need to be cleaned and discharged through special cleaning products, so they should not be cleaned at will.

Chemical barrel
2. How to properly clean chemical barrels
The raw materials generally used to clean chemical barrels include water, alkaline liquid, and coarse sand. The general method of use is to use hot water or warm water to adjust the ratio of 10%, and add rough gravel, which can increase the friction and clean it more powerfully. Then pour the alkaline liquid into half of the volume of the chemical barrel. After fully stirring and mixing these raw materials, turn the barrel upside down and turn it over continuously, so that the lye and sand can fully contact the barrel wall, so that the barrel can be cleaned better. wall. Waste water after cleaning must be treated and discharged in strict accordance with the unified standards of environmental protection standards, so as to avoid serious environmental pollution and health hazards, resulting in irreparable losses.


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