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Well-mixed Wholesale Adhesive barrel

Well-mixed Wholesale Adhesive barrel

The uniformly mixed Wholesale Adhesive barrel comprises a barrel body, the top of the barrel body is provided with a rotary motor, the output shaft of the rotary motor penetrates the barrel body and is exposed in the inner cavity of the barrel body, and the output shaft of the rotary motor is fixedly connected There is a connecting block, the bottom end of the first connecting block is fixedly connected with a roller shaft, the end of the roller shaft away from the one connecting block is fixedly connected with two connecting blocks, the bottom ends of the two connecting blocks are connected with a rotating shaft, the rotating shaft The other end is fixedly connected with the bearing arranged at the bottom of the inner cavity of the barrel. The present invention has simple structure and reasonable design. By setting the rotating motor, the effect of stirring automation is achieved. The combined use of the second stirring rod, the second split block, the groove, the split plate, the third split block and the four split block achieves the effect of uniform stirring, thus saving time and effort when mixing compounds.

Wholesale Adhesive barrel
The above is a brief introduction to the knowledge of the well-mixed Wholesale Adhesive barrel.


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