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What's the use of Pressed biscuit tin?

What's the use of Pressed biscuit tin?

Did you throw away the biscuit box after eating biscuits? In fact, pressed biscuit box has many uses. What's the use of Pressed biscuit tin?

Making gift box by pressed biscuit box

The gifts made by yourself are full of intentions. It would be more perfect if they were matched with a unique and exquisite gift box. Spray the unused biscuit box with elegant color. After drying, tie a golden ribbon. A square biscuit box is matched with a cross shaped ribbon, and a round biscuit box can be tied into a meter shape. Cut the gap of the box cover. Finally, stick a flower or an ornament on an old hairpin, and the exquisite gift box is ready.

Storage box made of pressed biscuit box

Dye the biscuit box into your favorite color, and put the cardboard together according to the size of the box to make a six palace grid, which can be used to store different types of small items, snacks and tea bags.

A shelf made of a pressed biscuit box

Several biscuit boxes of different sizes are strung together with sticks to make a shelf, which is beautiful and innovative. The same size can also be stacked together and placed in the kitchen to classify different ingredients or condiments.

Lampshade made of pressed biscuit box

The large biscuit box can be used as a lampshade and placed at the head of the bed. Decorate the biscuit box and hang it on the wall with candles in the middle. It has a special mood and atmosphere during festivals or parties. Nailed to the bathroom wall, it can be used to put roll paper or clean towels.

Flower pot made of pressed biscuit box

The biscuit box is potted and acts as a flowerpot, which is no inferior to the ordinary flowerpot.

Jewelry box made of pressed biscuit box

The biscuit box can also be transformed into a small exquisite and creative jewelry box. Wrap the plastic box with non-woven cloth, and then decorate it with small lace and so on.


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