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What are the classification and use of packaging barrels?

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What are the classification and use of packaging barrels?

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Packaging barrels are divided into the following categories: printed iron can packaging barrels, latex paint packaging barrels, paint packaging barrels, pharmaceutical and chemical packaging barrels, and plastic packaging barrels.
  According to different raw material characteristics, needs and environmental protection requirements, the processing of packaging barrels is divided into four categories: no cleaning, raw material cleaning, solvent cleaning and water cleaning. Non-cleanliness and raw material cleaning will be reduced. Commonly used water cleaning steps:
  1. Prepare with hot water or warm water at a ratio of 10%. If the stubborn stains in the packaging barrel are difficult to remove, you can add some coarse sand to increase the magic.
  2. Add half of the lye to each barrel, close the lid, put down the barrel and push it into a circle.
  3. The lye and sand in the barrel will reciprocate back and forth, automatically cleaning the barrel wall. Then pour out the waste liquid and rinse with clean water, which is very simple and practical.
    Packaging barrels have a wide range of applications in our daily lives, basically packaging barrels can be used in all walks of life. But when choosing a packaging barrel, we need to pay attention to some things. Selection skills of packaging barrels:
  1. The smell of packaging barrel. Among general engineering plastics, plastics used in daily life have no pungent smell, such as PP, PE, PC, PS, etc. If there is an unpleasant smell in the barrel with the lid open, it will be very irritating, then do not buy it. This is most likely made of auxiliary materials or recycled materials.
  2. The color of the packaging barrel should be bright and without color difference. Choose a transparent color, and then choose a gorgeous color. Do not choose black, because black is easy to add auxiliary materials and recyclable materials, but it is difficult to distinguish.
  3. The price of packaging barrels. The relative cost of plastic barrels made of general raw materials is relatively high, so the price will be in the upper middle level. If the price is extremely low, then do not consider producing inferior materials, because the manufacturer cannot pay for the cost.
  4. The appearance of the packaging barrel is selected, touch the edge with your hand, there is no obvious drape, all corners are chamfered, and the hand is not scratched. Check whether there are impurities on the rubber surface, no black spots, the appearance of the bucket is transparent, smooth, and the finish is good. To avoid inspection, many plastic barrels are embedded with a very thin layer of high-quality materials. Typical gold and jade are fragile. Pay attention to the possibility of water leakage.
    Packaging barrels are mainly used to store and transport various liquids. It is not easy to break, not easy to rust, not dented, and light in weight. Packaging barrels are widely used in chemical, pesticide, food, electrical and mechanical industries. Packaging Drums are very popular with everyone, and now they are widely used, the tests that need to be carried out before using Drums:
  1. We need to detect the falling of the packaging barrel at room temperature. The specific step is to drop the nominal amount of water twice consecutively from a height of 1.2 meters. If it is not broken, it can be used normally.
  2. Perform normal temperature stacking inspection on the packaging barrel, and store the nominal capacity of water, stacking 2 high, no support on all sides, no leakage after forty-eight hours, and it can be used normally.
  3. Check the liquid tightness of the packaging barrel to ensure that there is no leakage under a constant pressure of 100KPa for half an hour.
  4. Check the air tightness of the packaging barrel to ensure that there is no leakage under a constant pressure of 200KPa for half an hour. The black spots and impurities in every 100 square centimeter surface packaging barrel must be ≤ 5, and the length is 0.5 cm.


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