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What are the precautions when using Food injection barrel?

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What are the precautions when using Food injection barrel?

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  • Time of issue:2021-02-02 17:21

Food injection barrels are mainly used for packaging, holding, storing and transporting food. For their own benefit, some manufacturers do not consider food safety. When pouring food into buckets, they usually mix raw materials with sprues and even recycled materials. This cannot guarantee food safety. If it is food made from recycled plastic, pour it into a bucket. The color of the food injection bucket will darken. Try to buy milky white plastic buckets and buckets without masterbatch.
    When using buckets to store food, you need to be aware that after the plastic buckets are covered, they will have a certain degree of air permeability and cannot be vacuum packed. Therefore, long-term use of plastic buckets for cooking will change the taste of food. What needs to be explained here is that when buying plastic buckets, it is best not to choose higher transparency. This is because the food in the plastic bucket is exposed to the sun during the food transportation process due to high temperature.
    Buckets are plastic buckets used to store food. In the process of storing food, the bucket will be stained with various dirt and oil stains. There is a certain difference between the composition and physical properties of the oil stain. If they are not removed for a long time and mixed with oil stains on the shelf, it will cause damage to our physical and mental health. Eliminating oil stains in plastic food injection bucket has become a key task.
    If there is oil stains in the food injection bucket, it will be very helpless to use, and there will still be a peculiar smell. In the case of eliminating oil stains, we must eliminate odors. Next, we must understand the simple usage method . We need to prepare Xiaomi phones and clean them in advance. Mix the three with warm water. Swing vigorously to fill the bucket with food. After cleaning, the cleaning can be completed. If there is no such material, we can also use salt and soap powder instead.
    Remove the oil stains in the food injection bucket, and the peculiar smell inside will also disappear. What we need to pay attention to is that even after use, the cleaned food injection bucket does not have to be damaged, and it may be used after drying.
    For food injection barrel, it is very important to master the temperature. This is because temperature has a significant impact on plastic extrusion and the function of the parison. Increasing the temperature of the extruder can reduce the viscosity of the melt, improve the fluidity of the melt, reduce power consumption, and increase the screw speed without affecting the mixing and plasticizing effects of the plastic. To achieve this, we can use an electronic temperature controller to stabilize the process temperature and save energy significantly. Humidity affects the drying rate of food entering the bucket, which must be better understood. Therefore, the relative humidity of the food in the food injection bucket is also an important factor affecting product quality. When the relative humidity in the food injection bucket is low, the water vapor pressure difference between the outside and the dryer is large, and the drying speed is very fast, and vice versa.


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