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Why can't disposable medical nonwoven fabric products be reused

Why can't disposable medical nonwoven fabric products be reused

Why can't disposable medical nonwoven fabric products be reused?
1. Internal microscopic properties change after sterilization
The main material of medical nonwoven fabric products is polypropylene, which is processed through multiple processes through melt-blown and spun-bonded processes. The microstructure is fine plastic fibers. Shrinkage after encountering high temperature is a characteristic of plastic items. There is no high-temperature-resistant plastic, and high-temperature resistance is also a relative concept, so it will also have a corresponding shrinkage reaction on the microscopic level. Its main performance is that the non-woven fabric after sterilization will be more brittle than before sterilization, and its flexibility will also decrease. 

medical nonwoven fabric products
2. The sterile barrier performance is lost after use
According to research, the shelf life of sterile items is closely related to the thickness of medical nonwoven fabric products and the number of wrapping layers. Disposable medical nonwoven fabric products, after a series of high-temperature steam sterilization and chemical washing, the fiber structure will be deformed, the holes will be sparse, the thickness will decrease, and even small holes that are not easy to detect by the naked eye will appear, and the bacteria resistance rate will suddenly drop. Or lose the antibacterial performance. If the disposable packaging material is used repeatedly to package the device, the storage after sterilization cannot reach the safe expiration date.
Therefore, in order to ensure the sterilization and storage standards of medical devices, used disposable medical nonwoven fabric products should be discarded into medical trash cans after use.


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