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The company is an enterprise dedicated to the research and development and sales of polymer alloy materials-TPE, TPR, TPV, and TPU. Xiangguo Plastics has a modern R&D base, and has fully introduced automated production lines. It has an independent R&D center and testing center. With strong technical backing and an excellent sales team, its products mainly include ABS/PC adhesive series, PA, nylon Adhesive series, high transparency series, flame retardant series, polypropylene adhesion or single use series, etc., suitable for various processing techniques such as injection molding, extrusion, and blow molding.

The company is located in Wuxi, the Yangtze River Delta with convenient transportation and outstanding people. The company's products are widely used in pet toys, power tools, auto parts, wires and cables, medical equipment, sports equipment, household products, cultural and sports equipment, toys, sex toys and other fields. Xiangguo Company is supported by Hong Kong DuPont, Nanjing University of Chemical Technology, Nanjing University Chemical Engineering Department. With the continuous improvement of new product research and development capabilities and continuous development of application fields, Xiangguo Company has become an influential company in the thermoplastic elastomer industry at home and abroad. enterprise.



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