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Factors affecting polyurethane adhesive for sale

Factors affecting polyurethane adhesive for sale

There are many polyurethane adhesive suppliers on the market. The price of polyurethane adhesive produced by different suppliers is different, and it will rise or fall, so why does the price fluctuate? What are the factors affecting polyurethane adhesive for sale?
Factors affecting polyurethane adhesive for sale include the following:
1. Cost
Manufacturing cost is the fundamental and direct factor affecting the adhesive for sale of polyurethane. Manufacturing costs include material costs, labor costs, manufacturing costs, overhead costs, administrative costs, profits and taxes, etc. The supplier's manufacturing cost is the bottom line of the price.
2. Specification and quality
The higher the specification and quality, the higher the price.
3. Supply and demand
When supply exceeds demand, the buyer can get a favorable price; When the supply exceeds the supply, the supplier is in an active position, affecting the sales of polyurethane adhesive, and the price will be more expensive than usual.

4. Timing
When raw materials are in urgent demand during the peak production season, suppliers may use this to raise prices. To avoid this, supply agreements can be negotiated in advance.
5. Purchase Quantity
In general, the larger the purchase quantity, the lower the price, the supplier will implement a certain quantity discount, cash discount to the buyer, so as to reduce the price.
6. Terms of delivery
Delivery conditions are also a very important factor affecting the adhesive for sale of polyurethane, including delivery time and place, transportation mode and insurance, etc. The price will be slightly lower if the goods are shipped by the purchaser, and slightly higher if not.
7. Terms of Payment
Different payment methods (advance payment, cash on delivery, monthly settlement, etc.) will also affect the polyurethane adhesive for sale. In order to speed up capital turnover, many suppliers often offer preferential prices to customers who pay in advance.


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