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Portable Blow molding barrel manufacturersMould

Portable Blow molding barrel manufacturersMould

Portable Blow molding barrel manufacturers mold, including shell and base, the inner upper end of the shell is installed with a plastic extrusion device through a bracket, and two cylinders are installed on the right side of the plastic extrusion device, and the telescopic rod of the two cylinders is connected to the blower. The air pipe is fixedly connected, threaded holes are installed on the carrier plate, and limit holes are installed at both ends of the threaded holes, a bevel gear is installed inside the installation box, and the rod body of the bevel gear passes through the installation box through the coupling and a thread rod Fixed connection, the bottom of the installation box is fixedly connected with a working block, the chute is fixedly connected inside the bearing groove, and the bearing groove is fixed with the bottom of the shell; two screw rods are installed on the bearing groove. The portable Blow molding barrel manufacturers mold has Through the lifting and lowering of a cylinder, the clamping and parting operations of the fixed mold and the movable mold are realized, the structure is simple, the realization is convenient, the energy consumption of the equipment is reduced, and the practicability of the equipment is improved.

Blow molding barrel manufacturers
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