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TPR elastomer tells some relevant knowledge of TPR materials?

TPR elastomer tells some relevant knowledge of TPR materials?

TPR material is a kind of thermoplastic soft rubber that has rubber elasticity and does not need vulcanization, and can be directly processed into forming. So how much do you know about its basic characteristics and precautions for color matching? Let’s take a look at it with the editor of TPR elastomer!
1. Basic characteristics
1. Rubber has excellent resilience and good abrasion resistance, anti-skid and shock absorption properties. The softness and comfort of TPR material is superior to rubber, but the tensile strength, fatigue resistance and mechanical properties of the material are not as good as vulcanized rubber.
2. Operating temperature range -45-90℃. Generally speaking, TPR material is based on SBS substrate, and its chemical properties are as follows: weather resistance and aging resistance are general, and temperature resistance is 70-75℃. If a material with good aging resistance and temperature resistance is required, a modified material of SEBS substrate can be selected.
3. Hardness characteristics, TPR materials can be adjusted to hardness between 5 and 100 degrees Shore hardness, and modified materials with SEBS as the base material can be adjusted to a lower hardness.
4. Processing characteristics, TPR material has good bonding properties with certain glues, inks, etc., and has good oil-jet screen printing processability.
Two, color matching matters needing attention
1. For SBS as the base material TPR, it is recommended to use polystyrene or EVA as the carrier color masterbatch.
2. For TPE with higher hardness based on SEBS, it is recommended to use masterbatch with polypropylene as the carrier.
3. For TPE with lower hardness based on SEBS, it is recommended to use LDPE or EVA as the carrier color masterbatch, which can reduce the increase in hardness caused by the introduction of the PP base color masterbatch.
4. Pay attention to the dry storage of toner and masterbatch, in case of moisture absorption, be sure to use after drying.
5. When used in softer TPE/TPR, pay attention to the migration of colorants.
To sum up, the editor of TPR elastomer tells: a brief introduction to some related knowledge about it, I hope you can learn more through the introduction of the above editor.


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