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Do you know about polyurethane adhesives

Do you know about polyurethane adhesives

Polyurethane adhesive is an important part of the rapidly developing polyurethane resin. It has excellent properties and has been widely used in many aspects. It is one of the important varieties of the eight synthetic adhesives.
Polyurethane adhesives have excellent shear strength and impact resistance properties, are suitable for a variety of structural bonding areas, and have excellent flexibility properties.
Polyurethane adhesive has excellent rubber properties and can adapt to the bonding of substrates with different thermal expansion coefficients. It forms a soft-hard transition layer between the substrates, which not only has strong adhesion, but also has excellent buffering and shock absorption functions. The low temperature and ultra-low temperature properties of polyurethane adhesives exceed all other types of adhesives.

Polyurethane adhesive
The variety of polyurethane adhesives provides solutions to many bonding challenges, and is especially useful where other types of adhesives cannot bond or are difficult to bond.
In addition, polyurethane adhesives also have the characteristics of adjustable toughness, simple bonding process, excellent low temperature resistance and excellent stability. It is precisely because of its excellent bonding properties and adaptability to a variety of substrates that polyurethane adhesives have continuously expanded their application fields and have become the fastest-growing adhesives at home and abroad in recent years.


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