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How to clean china Paint barrel For sale?

How to clean china Paint barrel For sale?

Do you know how to clean china Paint barrel For sale? Let's follow the editor to understand it briefly!
1. Brushing. Use an old brush or a disposable brush to apply the appropriate solvent to an area on the exterior of the furniture. Let the alcohol or thinner work for 5 to 10 seconds, and then wipe it off with a coarse cloth or scouring wire. If the paint is easily wiped off, you can use alcohol or thinner to remove all the paint instead of using paint and varnish removers. Be quick to operate-alcohol and thinner evaporate quickly. Clean a small area at a time and change the cloth frequently to avoid rubbing old paint on the furniture again.

2. Knife scraping. After wiping off the paint, go through all the furniture with a spatula to remove paint residue. Maybe use Scotch silk soaked in thinner. Scrape along the lines of the wood, being careful not to scratch the wood. If necessary, sand and lubricate the wood. Do not use force during the polishing process. After polishing, the furniture can be sealed, bleached, decolorized or painted.
The above is the introduction of the editor: how to clean the relevant knowledge of china Paint barrel For sale.


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