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What are the advantages of polyurethane elastomers

What are the advantages of polyurethane elastomers

Polyurethane elastomer has excellent comprehensive properties, and its modulus is between that of general rubber and plastic. It has the following properties:
1. High strength and elasticity, polyurethane elastomer can maintain high elasticity in a wide range of hardness (as low as Shore A10, as high as Shore D90);
2. Under the same hardness, the bearing capacity is higher than other elastomers;
3. Excellent wear resistance, its wear resistance is 2~10 times that of natural rubber;
4. Excellent grease and chemical resistance;
5. Polyurethane elastomer has excellent UV resistance, oxidation resistance, ozone resistance, radiation resistance, weather resistance and other properties;
6. Excellent fatigue resistance and vibration resistance, suitable for high frequency deflection applications;
7. High impact resistance; good low temperature flexibility; generally no plasticizer can achieve the required hardness, so there is no problem caused by plasticizer migration;
8. Using specially formulated polyurethane, it can withstand high temperature of 150⁰C;
9. The molding process is diverse and simple, and the processing and mold costs are low.

Polyurethane elastomer
Compared with metal materials, the characteristics of polyurethane elastomers are:
1. Lightweight;
2. Low noise;
3. Wear resistance;
4. Low processing cost;
5. Strong corrosion resistance;
Compared with plastics, polyurethane elastomers are characterized by:
1. Not brittle;
2. Elastic memory;
3. Good abrasion resistance;
Compared with rubber, polyurethane elastomers are characterized by:
1. Better wear resistance;
2. More resistant to cutting and tearing;
3. Higher carrying capacity;
4. Can be transparent or translucent;
5. Better chemical and weather resistance;
6. Wider hardness range;
7. Various processing methods, lower mold and processing costs;
8. Greener, healthier and more energy efficient;


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